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Happy Dog


The best friend, of our best friends!
Certified Product.
Pure CBD oil extracted from Hemp – 100% Organic – 100% Made in Italy
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The food supplement par excellence for our four-legged friends.
A pure and natural oil, extracted from Italian and organic Sativa L. Hemp flowers, without adding pesticides or toxic chemicals, and indeed rich in omega 3, omega 6 and vitamin E.
Known for its relaxing properties, while not having any psychotropic effect. The 3% concentration of CBD is designed just for them... a natural remedy: anti-inflammatory, painkiller, antispasmodic, the best ally in case of tics and spasms, or against stress and anxiety, such as travel or separation.
With beef-flavored Happy Dog you can finally see your four-legged friend more serene and relaxed, never downcast, whether he suffers from a health problem, or to restore the natural essential functions of his vital organs.
All the more reason to wag some tail!

The endocannabinoid system is also present in animals.


Or rather... all mammals have such a system that regulates the vital functions of the organism.


This, in fact, in our four-legged friends intervenes on humoral states, appetite, sleep and in the response to pain.


To be clear, when animals are faced with a situation of danger, extreme excitement, happiness or stress, the sympathetic nervous system is activated. This sets in motion several mechanisms such as increased blood supply to the brain, alertness and increased pressure.


Once the moment of stress has ended, the animal must return to a condition of normality and tranquility... And here the endocannabinoid system intervenes, producing precisely the endocannabinoids!


These molecules bind to CB1 and CB2, the cannabinoid receptors, and restore quietness.  CBD then intervenes as a natural remedy to resolve those types of imbalances due to excessive excitement, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and phobias.


In an interview published in Huffpost, Mark Verdino, head of veterinary staff of the North Shore Animal League America, stated, after observing several specimens during his studies, that they were less responsive to problems such as arthritis or anxiety arising from a disease after taking the CBD product.


Verdino later admitted that he himself used cannabis oil for his dog who was afraid of the dark. Unable to state publicly that it worked, he said, "It helped him a lot by noticing an improvement in behavior."
The first study was conducted by numerous researchers (mostly from Italy and the USA) and published in MDPI, a webzine on Veterinary Sciences, whose purpose was to investigate for the first time the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties of CBD directly in the canine inflammatory response.
The results obtained were positive and encourage further studies to better understand the possible therapeutic role of CBD in veterinary medicine.
Below, instead, the testimony of Dr Elena Battaglia, published on Enecta blog:
'CBD helps on different pathologies and indirectly works in general, improves the general situation of the animal. Epilepsy, dermatitis, are several pathologies in which CBD and cannabis, in general, can help. '...
... ' cannabis allows you to live a life worth living. It makes that phase of life in which our furry friend lives with pain much more dignified, to the very end of his days. '

CBD oil for dogs, as for us, can be taken either directly into the animal’s mouth or mixed with food.


The use of CBD oil in the form of drops also offers the advantage of discovering an individual dosage corresponding to needs depending on body weight and the purpose of administration.


During the interview published on Enecta’s blog, Dr Elena Battaglia says:


'You have to accustom the animal to the dosage, then starting from a few drops, and rise accordingly, as is the case for humans. This requires time and patience. '


100% Natural Product.

Happy Dog by BurningSun is the result of an accurate transformation process, made with natural methods. It’s a pure extract, which retains all the beneficial properties of CBD.


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