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Lemon Therapy

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All the fragrance and freshness of southern Italy’s citrus, in compact and resinous flowers, with analgesic and relaxing properties.
CBD 17,7% | THC 0,34%
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The inflorescences are light green, with very small and thick hairs and orange veins.


They are candle-shaped, entirely set with orange stigmas and covered with a myriad of resin glands. They even seem to be sprinkled with a very special powdered sugar for the considerable amount of resin present!

To the taste, these flowers give off one very similar to what is the aroma at the olfactory level, but more lemon-like and with a stronger note of Haze fragrance, with different shades of orange, lemongrass, lemon and cedar wood.


The citrus notes of Lemon Therapy are even stronger than the smell of smoke. Bringing flowers from the container to the nose, the environment will be literally flooded with scents of lemon, berries, lime.


Lemon Therapy stands out among the sweetest and most aromatic varieties available on the market: among the preferred by those who love sweet and strong flavors and aromas. Very famous variety for its qualities in terms of scent, taste but also effects. Such a glorious profile seduces and conquers any cannabis lover, from the beginner to the greatest connoisseur.

Lemon Therapy is a sativa species with really remarkable effects: suddenly, leads to experience a state of well-being and relaxation.


Shortly after the effects turn into feelings of body calm, in particular it tends to bring a subsequent relaxation for the muscles of the body. Perfect, then, to find deep relief after a particularly busy day.


Its effect particularly favors the free flow of thoughts and meditative states. Perfect even during a pleasant conversation with friends, or to receive particularly creative insights during artistic activities.


The therapeutic effects are highly appreciated in case of stress, even chronic pain such as chronic migraines, fatigue, insomnia and headaches. It is used for therapeutic purposes to relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as physical stress in general.

Cannabidiol does not have a specific action against a particular pathology or area of the body, but acts as a "modulator" of our endocannabinoid system.


CBD, and cannabinoids in general, act indirectly on the receptors of this system, not on a particular pathology: they intervene as a result of an imbalance caused by a stimulus, such as in the case of pain, stress or anxiety.


CBD flowers dried naturally, grown and entirely processed in Italy.

THC content lower than the limits allowed by law n. 242 of 2016. Product for technical and collectible use. Not a medicine, food or for combustion. It does not contain substances harmful to humans. Restricted product. Sale prohibited to minors.

10 reviews for Lemon Therapy

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