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Wild Marigold Gemme


Wild, Pure Authentic Nature! A pasta… never seen before!
Gemme with Wild Marigold. Exclusive, vegan, 100% organic
To give you delicacy and nutrition, in a single meal!

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Valori nutrizionali Valori per 100gr.
314 kcal
di cui saturi
0 g
0 g
di cui zuccheri
65 g
1.7 g
FIBRE 3,2 g
SALE 0 g

Tutte le parti della pianta sono ricche di principi attivi preziosi:

vitamina A, vitamina C, olio essenziale, flavonoidi, resina,

mucillagine, carotenoidi, triterpenoidi, saponine e ben 15 aminoacidi.

La colorazione tipica del fiore è rappresentata da un pigmento

che ha come componenti principali licopene, vilaxantina e betacarotene, potente antiossidante.


The body as a temple

A famous quote from Hippocrates used these words, as simple as they were effective: “The human body is a temple and as such it must be cared for and respected, always”. Needless to say, this statement can be considered as a truth of the universe: the more we take care of our body, the better our quality of life will be… starting from the table!

Nutritional valueTypical value per 100gr.
ENERGY1335 Kcal
314 kcal
of which saturated
0,9 g
0 g
of which sugars
65 g
1.7 g

A floral nutrition

Flowers on the plate? Hell, yes! In addition to being colorful, fragrant, beautiful to see and to give an original decorative touch to our dishes, many flowers are also good and useful to enrich our diet of many important active ingredients. Nothing to do with flowers grown or bought: the Calendula used in our Gemme is pure, grows wild, in a land scented with salt. A good, vegan and nourishing pasta!

Calendula, Mary’s gold

It is no coincidence that calendula is given the name of “the gold of Mary”: known for its many healing properties, it is a fantastic flower with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, healing, refreshing, emollient and dermopathic action. The composition of the dough for the Gemme with Calendula is a magical process, carried out by maintaining all the nutritional values of this magnificent plant and enhancing the benevolent active principles.

Stomach ache?

Anxiety, stress and tension act negatively on your
digestive system causing heartburn, bloating, abdominal pain and other smotach and intestines related disorders, as well as fatigue, restless sleep and a weakening of the immune system. Our Calendula pasta is the all-natural solution!

A valuable ally to take a break from stress and, thanks to its beneficial properties, promote digestion, limit heartburn and help in case of stomach acidity or gastroesophageal reflux.
A blessing!

Marigold, sweet energy

Plant of the Sun and the Moon: On the one hand, during the day, it follows the movement of the sun, opening its heads at dawn and closing them at sunset. On the other hand, its flowering refers to the lunar energies: the Latin term calendae means ‘first day of the month’, and it is a plant that blooms, in fact, every first day of the month throughout the year. Famous for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing, refreshing, emollient and dermopathic properties. Because it acts on the irritations of the mucous membranes, it is the perfect natural remedy for placating gastric ulcers, stomach spasms and fighting colitis and gastritis. As if that were not enough, it’s a particularly friendly-to-women plant: the most effective natural remedy to relieve pain related to the menstrual cycle and treat dysfunctions of the female genital system

One more reason

All parts of the plant are rich in valuable active ingredients: vitamin A, vitamin C, essential oil, flavonoids, resin, mucilage, carotenoids, triterpenoids, saponins and 15 amino acids. The typical color of the flower is represented by a pigment that has as its main components lycopene, vilaxanthin and beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant.

Why eat regular pasta
when we can nourish ourselves like this?


Our Gemme, with Wild and All-Natural Calendula, are the best to put on the table.
we tried them with seasonal broccoli and sundried tomatoes:
Taste and Texture that, together with the Marigold, nourish your Body and your Mind.
Genuine, vegan… unrivalled.

Unconventional medicine

In Italy, as well as throughout the Western world, the use of unconventional medicines is constantly increasing. The Foundation Irccs in Milan – National Cancer Institute – as well as The European Medicines Agency, remind us the importance of Calendula which is recognised as effective to control the side effects of conventional therapies, such as chemo and radiation therapy, which can cause inflammation of the skin and mucosa of the oral and vaginal cavity. In short, once again, Nature proves to be the only one to provide us with everything necessary for the achievement of well-being.


La calendula è ottima per il trattamento delle affezioni della mucosa ma non deve essere ingerita in gravidanza a causa dei suoi effetti tonici sull’utero. gusto neutro, leggero e facilmente abbinabile a tutto! Confondibile ad una pasta normale, anche per i più piccoli! Perchè selvatica? Le verdure contenute nei Rigatoni crescono spontaneamente, seguendo il naturale corso dell’ecosistema che le accoglie, sviluppandosi senza il concorso dell’opera dell’uomo o alcun tipo di trattamento.

Il loro impiego in cucina risale a migliaia di anni fa e accomuna tutte le culture, dalla civiltà indiana, a quella cinese, senza tralasciare quella romana. Chiaramente non tutti i fiori sono commestibili ed è necessario fare molta attenzione nel reperimento. Da coltura prettamente biologica, le infiorescenze di calendula utilizzate nelle nostre Gemme nascono e crescono selvatiche in uno scenario che fa invidia a tutti, fra ulivi e frutteti del basso Cilento, dove anche l’aria è ancora incontaminata.


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