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Hemp lip balm – 100% Bio – 5ml



An excellent shield made of beeswax and hemp oil for sensitive lips.


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A nourishing, soothing and regenerating hemp balm that, thanks to its precious natural ingredients, leaves lips incredibly velvety and offers excellent protection against weather conditions and dehydration.


Organic hemp oil, in fact, acts as an antioxidant and antibacterial remedy: as an antioxidant, CBD helps the skin to stabilise free radicals as well as reduce inflammation and irritation.  In addition, as an antibacterial remedy, it keeps the lips protected from bacteria and infections.

Simply apply it on your lips whenever you prefer, to enjoy instant relief and freshness!

Strange but true... Hemp lip butter improves the natural beauty of the lips and plumps them. Therefore, a few drops of Hemp Lip Balm can replace expensive lip injections.


Moreover, thanks to the presence of Vitamin A in beeswax, it has a regenerating and anti-aging effect!


Produced by hand, and through all-natural processes, on the hills of the Cilento National Park, a protected area in south of Italy.


Moisturising lip butter handcrafted out of hemp inflorescences grown among the orchards and under the sun of Cilento National Park, in south of Italy.

Carefully produced by Magarìe. Composed of precious natural ingredients 100% Bio: beeswax and hemp oil. A magic shield for sensitive lips exposed to wind, sun or cold.